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Last Updated: 11/03/2022

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bethere2day |  online randomness

bethere2day is a personal blog about anything and everything, fun, humour, randomness and rants.

Snark, Sass, & Sarcasm

Putting a humorous twist on the mundane.

The Speculation Station

At the Speculation Station, we ask questions and ponder the answers. We are not experts. We are curious. We make things up as we go along.

It's a site where we ask interesting questions and try to come up with answers in both our blog and podcast.


MensWorldHQ where men can be men without fear of getting their balls chopped off.

An entertaining, engaging and humorous men's lifestyle blog, celebrating what it is to be a man in today's world

Rambling Relfections

Thoughts of sarcastic and constantly exhausted medical student.

Mom It Out

Satirical mom blog detailing ups and downs of parenting meant to make you laugh so you don't cry


Humorous short fiction and poetry, movie and music reviews, sports opinionating and other odds and ends from my feverish brain.


Humour, travel, poetry, wine

Senior Funnies

A hilarious look at the lighter side of getting old. Updated daily.